Thursday, 6 March 2014

Lancing Downs

Dewpond in the Nature  Reserve

Steep Hill- The Chalky paths lead
us to the top of Steep Hill.
489ft high.

Our walk today takes us to the Downs above Lancing in West Sussex. We were planning our next walk when Paula received an email for a commission to be painted in the Lancing area.

View towards Worthing on our way up to the trig point.

Trig point on Steep Hill
(First Jaffa Cake Stop

Armed with rain jackets, boots and Jaffa Cakes, we set off. The Dewpond above is near our starting point at the Lancing Ring Nature Reserve. We chose this 4.5 mile walk because of the stunning views, we were not disappointed.

View to Sompting and Worthing
Hazy view of the sea facing into the sun.
Wartime Remains of trenches leaving markings on the surface of the land.

More battle scars of the war. Coombe Head Copse in the distance.
The trees were at our half way point.

Most of the South Downs is used by working farmers these days.
This is the path just walked, the rain caught up with us here, hence the spot on the lens.

Our Second stop for Jaffa Cakes

We stopped here for more Jaffa Cakes, and to take in the lovely views. We are on top of the Downs in the middle of nowhere and there is only the sounds of the birds to break the silence.

The path to come, looking ahead to Coombe Head Copse 

Our walk turns to the left now and gives us new views of the Adur Valley down to the coast. We can also see the air traffic too-ing and fro-ing from Shoreham Airport, and the ever prominent structure of Lancing College Chapel dominating the skyline.

Lunch Break. Sandwiches and Jaffa Cakes. Old concrete from the War 

The view ahead to the old (disused) Beeding Cement Works
Towards Beeding Hill and inland

Overlooking the Adur Valley with the old Power Station in the far distance.

As we come downhill we overlook Coombe Farm

Lancing College Chapel looms on the horizon.
Heading to the botton of the valley we see Cowbottom Hovel. A Shelter for cattle in the Winter months, its a very old flint wall square where the cattle could shelter behind its tall walls out of the biting cold winds. 
Next to Cowbottom Hovel, we have no Jaffa Cakes left and have this very steep hill to climb.
On the hill we find Mayflower in blossom. Looking across to Valley Farm.
Sheep grazing overlooking Shoreham

Coming up the last hill, our feet are telling us that we have completed our first 4.5 mile walk this year so far. All we need now is some coffee while we plan our next trip out.

One of my favourite buildings, Lancing College Chapel

Inside the Chapel.
The resulting painting from this walk is "Lancing Down"

Thanks to Paula Oakley for the photograph

Sunday, 22 December 2013

The Good Things Cats Bring

 Cats have been a part of every family, be it poor, well-off or super wealthy, for centuries. The reasons of having pets such as these domesticated animals and other animals are mainly relative depending on the owner. Some people are just plain animal lovers, others it’s a way of relaxing and for everyone it makes them happy.

Despite the advancement of technology, people will never find an alternative to the joys given to them by their pet cats. There are numerous benefits when one has a pet or pets especially when you choose to have cats. Apart from the activities a cat can share with you; pet cats are also a great source of comfort.  Having a cat would enable you to touch, be touched and feel how it is to pamper somebody. Animals, especially these cuddly and affectionate cats, as pets also keep us far from feeling lonely and bored. We could talk to them and express our deepest emotions, the words we could not tell to our fellow humans.  They are so playful and they could unravel the child in us. Also, as a form of emotional opening, they could ease stress and make us feel more relaxed.

Humor is the best medicine. Cats are a great source of it. Having a cat at home gives you free shows. Yes, just looking at them would make you feel fun.  
Every pet could provide you with different positive feelings. Birds and fish are so attention-catching. Looking at them would get you to feel at peace without exerting too much effort. Staring at fish in an aquarium or pond gives one the peace of mind and the relaxation against a stressful time.

It was found out in a study that pets like cats would be very helpful for the elder people. Most of them are in the autumn of their lives. All the fears and insecurities are there. At an older age, other people younger than you seem not to pay that much attention so you can see that the benefits of having a cat could change their world. The activities they could share like walking around or doing a little jogging would be very healthy too.

It is undeniably true that pets are saviors; they stretch our lips to smile, stretch our patience, stretch our peace of mind… and in the end, stretch the length of our lives. They give us relief and refuge. Having them around would give you a happier life and a happier life would be your ticket to a better self inside and out.